Here are some of the latest testimonials of Cathy's new book: "I enjoyed Cathy's book. It was funny, relevant, and most of all it proves that all of us deserve--and have earned--a "silver lining" in life."   SS "I just finished reading the book and truly enjoyed it.  It's just proof that real life is way more interesting than fiction.  What a great read."  DP "I’ve been happily married for many years and I loved this book.  It’s funny, witty and full of optimism. I highly recommended it for men and women of all ages, married or single."  BL "This short fun easy read is written by a fabulous Austin woman and would make a great addition to your own collection or as a gift this season!   Cathy is funny, poised, and elegant.  Her special presentation of Internet dating for our generation is both helpful and humorous.  You're gonna love it!  And you can bet that someone you know NEEDS this info now."  AT "What a fun read and true stories!  This book is a page turner; full of poignant stories, peppered with delightful insights and some very surprising outcomes.  I've been married 32 years and missed the whole internet dating revolution.... but that doesn't mean I'm not very curious about the process.  I think I'll give a gift basket to my newly single senior friends with a bottle of wine, a sachet of bubble bath and a copy of "Does This Date Make My Ass look Big?"  It's a good read AND good prep." CK Don't forget that anytime is the right time to surprise your friends with a humorous and hopeful gift like... Give the Gift of Humor and Hope

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