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Cathy, a twin, was born in Seattle, Washington. She comes from a long line of writers. Her dad, James B. Ganong, self published his first novel Mary We Never Knew You in 1982. Out of her five siblings, three have followed in their dad's footsteps and have taken to writings of all kinds: blogs, articles, poetry, autobiographies, short stories, and even long ones. They, too, aspire to influence others with the written word.
Cathy Romano
From a young age, Cathy showed writing talent, especially in rhyming words. Although her first love was always sports, a bad knee and limited talent motivated her to write in between tennis matches, ski runs and golf rounds. She started writing poems, toasts and roasts for many occasions and it has become her signature skill today. She's the go to girl for those in need of a roast or a toast. She can create something that blends humor and creativity for any subject or occasion. She especially enjoys writing books as a memento for a fun girl's weekend. Second to that, she loves writing birthday toasts. Cathy and Bob live in Austin, Texas and have three grown children. Joe, Tommy and Mary Claire are the joy of her life. Second only to writing poems and bringing people joy from her work and words. She would love the opportunity to share that joy with you! Follow Cathy's fan page:  Cathy's facebook page or it would be sweet to give her a tweet: Humor and hope or you might even think to find her link: Let's get LinkedIn!

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