My KD Productions

I have created many keepsake books for occasions such as birthdays, graduations, showers, weddings, anniversaries, sport's banquets, cookbooks, holidays, etc. These books can be beautiful, funny, thought provoking and tear-jerking... all in one treasure to keep or give as a gift. Go to to see my online portfolio and see what I have to offer you. I can give you three excellent reasons why you should hire me for the job:
  1. I will get the job done so no more procrastinating.
  2. It's easier for me to consolidate and choose the perfect pictures to include than it would be for you.
  3. You will be extremely happy, and so will the person who receives the book, with my work!
I'm sure you have tons of old, and new, photos floating around your house that are taking up space. Not only that, no one ever looks at them! Get together your favorite past holiday cards, your favorite recipes, and your favorite vacation photos and let me help put them in a beautiful coffee table book for EVERYONE to notice when they come over. Go to to see examples of my creations: Girl's, Guy's and Family Trips: Stacy's First Girl's Trip, Park City Paradise, First Annual Beach Bash, Ruthfest 2010, Sally and Jean's Pilgrimage Trip Cookbooks: Delights for our Daughters, Cheryl's 60th Birthday Recipe Book This Is Your Life Books: Joseph Malone Romano from birth to college grad, Thomas Robert Romano one lucky duck, Mary Claire Romano's moments and memories, Letters From Korea Birthday Books: Happy 80th Mom! Wedding and Shower Books: Meghan and Erik's Wedding Book, Sarah's Cookbook Holiday Books: The Romano Family Christmas Card Book

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